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Food and drink as we like it: Our restaurant with regional cuisine.
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Real delicacies

The chefs of our restaurant are deeply rooted in the region. Therefore, you can taste and enjoy all typical favourite dishes of the Mosbachers and the Baden-Württemberg cuisine, from Grünknkernküchle, Maultaschen to Zwiebelrostbraten.

Our drinks menu is also influenced by the Ländle: It Lamm is partner of a beer manufactory from Hohenlohe-Franconia and has many good Baden-Württemberg wines in its cellar.


Restaurant Calendar

Currently the restaurant is closed.

Corona hygiene concept

We care about the health of our employees and guests, therefore we ask you to follow the generally valid hygiene rules and to wear everyday masks in all public areas. As soon as you have taken your seat at your table, you may of course take off the masks.  

We have equipped all our guest rooms with air purifiers, which filter 95% of viruses from the air and guarantee cleanly filtered room air. Please note that the room air filter system does not replace the distance and hygiene rules.

Candle Light dinner

For special evenings

For special evenings we have a special offer for you: the Candlelight Dinner. Enjoy first an aperitif by candlelight and then a 4-course surprise menu. 

Costs: 28,00 € per person

Holiday buffet

Thursdays it's "savory or sweet"?

Every Thursday you can order and enjoy tarte flambée in all "colours and shapes". In addition to the seasonal variations we always offer you the following Flammkuchen:


  • Alsatian tarte flambée
    with créme fraiche, bacon, onions
  • Tarte flambée "Hawaii"
    with créme fraiche, cooked ham, pineapple, cheese
    8,30 €
  • Tarte flambée "Athens"
    with créme fraiche, sheep's cheese, honey, pepperoni
    9,00 €
  • Tarte flambée "Romana"
    with créme fraiche, tomatoes, mozzarella, pesto
    8,30 €.
  • Tarte flambée "Tuna"
    with créme fraiche, tuna, onions, olives
    9,00 €
  • Flambé "Salmon"
    with créme fraiche, smoked salmon, onions, spinach, honey-mustard sauce
    9,30 €
  • Flambé "Asia"
    with créme fraiche, marinated chicken strips, paprika, onions, wasabi
    9,30 €
  • Tarte flambée "Gorgonzola"
    with créme fraiche, spinach, onions, gorgonzola
    9,30 €.


  • Flambé "Apple"
    with sweet cream, apple, cinnamon, sugar
    8,30 €.
  • Flambé "Caramel nut"
    with sweet cream, salted peanuts, caramel, chocolate
    sauce 8,30 €
  • Flambé "Cherry"
    with sweet cream, cherries, chocolate sauce, brittle
    8,50 €
Schnitzel Evening

Every Wednesday is Schnitzel Night!

Wednesday evenings are Schnitzel Day with us: our chefs conjure up classic and unusual schnitzel variations for you.

There is something for every taste.

You can enjoy these schnitzels with us:

  • Schnitzel Hubertus with fine creamed mushrooms au gratin
  • Schnitzel with thyme-plum sauce
  • Schnitzel Mole Negro with chocolate sauce
  • Schnitzel with apple slices, cranberries and camembert au gratin with cream sauce
  • Schnitzel with pepper sauce
  • Schnitzel with horseradish-cranberry sauce
  • Schnitzel with curry sauce and pineapple
  • Mosbach farmer's schnitzel with hearty bacon, onions and fried egg
  • Escalope with Dijon mustard and honey cream sauce
  • Gypsy schnitzel
  • Schnitzel with fine raspberry cream sauce
  • and of course the classic: Schnitzel "Viennese style"

We serve French fries and a side salad with each schnitzel.

The price is 13,90 € each.

Lunch table

Eat well every day

Every week we offer you a varied lunch menu, the dishes of which you can Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 14:00can order.

At Saturday there is a daily meal at the same time.
fr. 7,90 € 

Opening hours

Currently closed
Monday - FRIDAY
Kitchen until 21:00
Currently closed
SATURDAY and public holidays
Kitchen until 21:00
Currently closed
Kitchen until 14:00

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